Frequently ask........

Q: Where do your sessions take place?

A: Sessions take place at my beach bungalow flowing of natural light located in beautiful Atlantic Beach, Fl. (about 15-20 minutes from downtown Jacksonville) or at The gorgeous historic Casa Marina Hotel located in Jacksonville Beach and on some occasions I'll hold a session in your home.  I'd be happy to discuss each option with you and decide which location best fits your needs, budget and vision. 

Q: Do you provide wardrobe?

A: No.  You will provide most of your own outfits, but I offer a small  wardrobe of lovely lace pieces , jewelry,heels and a few other cute things.

Q: Will my photos be kept private?

A: Absolutely!!!!  All your photos will be kept completely private and off my site and social media unless you give me written permission to share them. However,  it is kinda awesome when my boudoir clients consider allowing me to share a few of their images, even if only the ones that don't reveal identity and of their choosing of course. I wouldn't have an updated portfolio or a strong online presence to attract new clients if it weren't for the incredibly generous empowered ladies who allow me to share a few images!

Q: Are the digital files of my images included with my sessions?

A: Yes!  Edited images are included with your session as a digital download and on a USB Flash Drive.  You will be able to view and share your gorgeous images from your phone or computer.

Q: Will anyone else be with us while we're shooting?

A: No not on single shoots, but if I am shooting a Girls Night Out Party - Bridal Party or Model Call I may have a female assistant with me to help since they are usually more than 3 ladies at these events.

Q: Can I bring along my husband/boyfriend/best friend?

A: NO SORRY.  I have a strict No Men Policy during my boudoir sessions, as much for my safety and comfort as for yours. If you'd like to have a girlfriend or female family member along for moral support, that's fine by me, though I encourage you to consider whether this will allow you to truly open up to the camera and get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes having a friend along can actually make you MORE nervous!

Q: Do you shoot nude photographs?

A: I am fine with incorporating tasteful topless images into your session, but I don't photograph fully nude (implied nude I however am ok with!).


Q: How do I prepare for my session?

A: After booking, I will send you tips, tricks, and guidelines on preparing for your session, as well as a little homework in the form of a questionnaire that will help me get to know you better!

Q: How do you edit your images? Will you fix my problem areas?

A: I take a very natural approach to editing and prefer to alter your images (and YOU) as little as possible. Most of my edit are the technical  (exposure, contrast, coloring, etc), however I do make "tucks" here and there, and I  light skin edits as needed (on things like under eye circles, blemishes,chins and noticeable cellulite). 

Q: How long before I can see my photos?

A. Right Away !!!!!! Yes that's right.  While you are getting dressed and getting your things together I will take a few minutes to go through your images . We will then set down and I will share them with you. I know how excited you will be to see them so I don't want to make you wait .

After you  pick out all of your must haves and just can't live with out images. I will then begin to process and edit your images  into stunning art work of you.   Your canvas art, Little Black photo books, prints and images will be ready for you in 1-4 weeks. 

Your items will be sent to you discreetly or you can pick them up from me.

More questions? Please ask me. I love answering questions. I want to make sure you have the best experience possible. 

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