• Missy Lewis

Do you Hula ?

Meet flow artist and fire spinner Shelby @shelbyspunflower. When Shelby is not busy running around spinning fire and hula hooping in the woods performing at music festivals and events all over , she models for Gypsy 7 Photos .

When we set out on our journey to explore in search of the perfect spot for a photo shoot our test shots turned into an impromptu photo shoot of our own . I LOVE natural sunlight photos and the way in highlights my clients natural glow and Shelby needed room to spin those hoops. We found a few FANTASTIC spots. Our first spot was right down by the St. Johns River. Check out these sweet shots ... Hoop mama in action.

Our 2nd spot..This tree though!!! We ran up on this tree . It had fallen over at some point. It was very whimsical with a beautiful arch with ferns ,moss & mushrooms growing all over it. I looked at Shelby and said.. ..Do you think you can climb up there? She looked at me and giggled, then climbed right up the tree. What a good sport. I love this chicky..lol

3rd Spot... I love this spot. Its on top of a hill in an old fort over looking the river.

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